So WHY raining orange peels, you may ask…

Well, it reminds me of my daughter, Viviana.  This girl is hilarious.  She is also an orange addict.  The kid can go through a 5 lb bag of Cuties in 2 days.  No joke.  Did I mention she’s only 2 years old?  There are literally orange peels “decorating” our entire house.  Orange peels on the carpet, orange peels on the baby’s toys, orange peels in the sock drawer-you get the point.  Orange peels.  While I suppose this could be annoying (with 3 kids I have long ago accustomed myself to the random clutter found around the house)-I find it a great reminder of the things that matter in life: family, faith, and good, wholesome FOOD.  And wouldn’t you know it, that’s what this blog is all about!


Guess which one is the orange eater?


I could write about my kids and hubby all day long.  Seriously.  But you might get tired of hearing about that-which is why this blog also encompasses two other things I’m passionate about: food and faith.

FOOD:  I have recently switched over to a whole-foods diet.  No more highly processed foods.  No more refined sugars.  Just good old-fashioned REAL food.  Since I am the one that largely does the cooking in our house, this means that my entire family’s eating style has undergone a change recently as well (much to my hubby’s chagrin-he’s coming around, though).  So you may occasionally see posts for new recipe tries and fails, and what we’re eating these days.

FAITH: I am totally, madly in love with the Big Guy upstairs.  As such, you will probably here about Him a time or two.  (I mean, how can you LOVE someone or something and not incessantly talk about them?  Impossible, I say.)  From new faith A-HA moments to daily struggles to anything in betweeen…I could potentially ramble on about any (or all) of it.

So there you have it-me in a nutshell.  (I’ve always found that a random expression…what does being in a nutshell have to do with summarizing yourself…but I digress.)  I look forward to spending time together with YOU (used in the universal sense).

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