Garden Fever: March 23 Update

So this is my intro to a new series that I named Garden Fever that I will (most likely) update every week…ish.  (A little confession on the name:  I had really wanted to call the series ‘Hoes in the Garden’, like, really, REALLY wanted to, but somehow it just seemed wrong.)  Anywhoo, in an effort to teach my children about sustainability and to cut down on our grocery bill, we decided to plant our own garden.  I had decided to start out small while we got the hang of things, this being my/our first garden and all.  However, I went a little crazy in the seed aisle at Fleet Farm (the kids may have had something to do with this).  And then I think I planted something like 150 starter plants.  Oops.


The girls filling the cells with dirt.


Seeing as we live in North Dakota, it is necessary to plant ahead (or so I have researched) since we have such a short growing season.  So we bought five grow domes and planted broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes (LOTS of tomatoes-3 grow domes worth-I had visions of all the sauces, pastes, etc I was going to make with those tomatoes dancing in my head), with plans to plant watermelon when it was closer to transplanting time. (Apparently watermelon don’t transplant well, so you’re only supposed to start them indoors 2-3 weeks before you transplant them, as they are harder to successfully transplant when they are larger.)

My parents were nice enough to let us set up shop, so to speak, in their Sport Court.  We filled up a table perched underneath a nice south-facing window with our soon-to-be-plant babies (fingers crossed).  We misted our plants babies (misting verses direct watering is supposed to be better to prevent disease?), kept them carefully covered (there was one instance when a well-meaning, cleaning relative knocked askew a couple of the covers and I found their beds a little dry the next day-so hopefully this didn’t hurt them), and showered them with love (the secret ingredient in gardening).


Planting is done for the day, and the girls are all smiles!


Our first tomato sprout!!

That was last week, update to today, and they are growing!  Well, some of them are, anyway.


Look at those broccoli babies go!

It kind of makes me want to plant more.  Like bell peppers.  I am trying to hold myself back, but this gardening thing is kind of addicting.  So by my post next week, I may (or may not) have gone ahead and planted peppers.



T wanted to test how much heat our ‘grow lights’ were giving off…







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