Matzah, matzah, matzah (Plus a tad overdue garden update)…

It only seemed fitting to order the book about Passover.  I think I get more excited about Scholastic book orders than my kids.  Ever since I was little, as soon as I caught a glimpse of those book order sheets, it sent my heart all a flutter.  I’m a dork, I know.  So I was super excited when my oldest child went to preschool, and they sent her home with her first Scholastic book order form.

There was a book on the Passover, entitled A Sweet Passover, that caught my eye.  Right now in Bible Study Fellowship we are looking at the life of Moses and Israel’s mass exodus from Egypt.  Passover originated there.  It celebrated the angel of death passing over the houses of the Israelites who had all painted the doorframes with lambs’ blood, and claiming the first born in all of Egypt.  It was what finally broke the Pharaoh,  who then gave the Israelites their freedom (even though he later changed his mind, and paid dearly for it…because even though Pharaoh changed his mind, God didn’t-he still had plans to make Israel a nation set apart).

Plus, it’s just that time of year!  So I ordered the book, and my daughter LOVED it.  AND it comes with a fun recipe in the back for matzah brei, which she wanted to make.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know how to make matzah, which is a requirement to make matzah brei. So we looked it up on (what a great site!) and it turned out to be incredibly easy.  And delicious. T covered hers in applesauce and declared it tasted, “Just like cake!”  She now has it in her head that we will be making matzah brei for breakfast.  Ok, so we probably will.  It is cool to see her and her sister make the connection back to what they are learning in Bible Study Fellowship.  Plus I love their adorable excitement over reading and trying new recipes.  (T offered to lend me her book with the matzah brei recipe.  This was after she read it to her babies-they were all lined up and “listening”.)


The matzah.



T loving her some matzah!


In other news, no major news from the garden.  Most of the plants have sprouted and are cover free.  I have yet to plant bell peppers for lack of time.  I also have a little fluorescent light, but have yet to install it.  Noticing a theme here?  I am convinced that the plant babies need more light, and light (of the fluorescent variety) they shall have.  No spindly plants for us (hopefully!).


Our indoor plant-starting setup.



Broccoli gone wild.


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