The times, they are a changing…and so am I

In this past year, I have changed the way I do, well…pretty much everything.  I have changed the way my family and I eat, I have changed the way I clean, I have changed HOW I shop (I now go with a list-this is huge for me!), I have even changed the way I fertilize the lawn (no more synthetic fertilizers!).  With all these changes, one of my goals is to set up a daily household chore list to break chores up over the course of the week.  The outcome will hopefully be a much cleaner house!  I cleaned out all my vents today (something I am sorry to admit that I have not done since we moved in last year).  WOW.  I will leave it at that.  If this is not something you do on a somewhat-regular basis I recommend you start because the vents are apparently where dust particles go on vacation. The Las Vegas of dust, if you will.  (And just like the casinos, sometimes patrons have to be forcefully removed.)

So where was I?  Oh yes, my list.  I compiled a list, borrowing from a few other sites and adding in additional chores to customize it to my cleaning needs.


There it is, for your viewing pleasure.  I keep feeling like I am forgetting something?  Oh well, I will keep cleaning and the area I have forgotten will make itself known eventually, right?

Also, my other project is to learn how to do hair!  As the mother of two daughters, this is something I should know how to do!  Admittedly, this is not the area of life where I shine.  In fact, I am somewhat horrible at this.  My repertoire includes the ponytail, a sloppily done French braid, pigtails, and inverted ponytails.  That’s pretty much it.  I am hoping to expand this to 1) Have some cute go-to hairstyles when fixing my daughters’ hair, and 2) be able to do some cute things to my hair so it doesn’t just lie there all flat and motionless (I have really thin hair in case you are doesn’t do much when left to its own devices).

So I have started 30 days of Hair!  My first post will be tomorrow..using various tutorials found on Facebook and Pinterest, for the next month I will try a different hairstyle on myself and my girls every day.  You will get to see the Pinterest/Facebook version (how the hair is supposed to look), and my version (hopefully they are pretty similar, but we shall see)…

Signing off until tomorrow..


PS To add on to the Natural Cleaning theme of the previous post, I have found a natural cleaner that I LOVE (so far)!  It’s called Branch Basics, and it’s all natural.  No synthetics, dyes, fragrances, etc.-it’s completely plant based.  I am going to try to do my laundry with it as we speak.  I’ll let you know how that turns out..

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