Day 2 of the 30-Day Hair Challenge: The Triple Plaited Princess Bun

For Day 2 I chose the Triple Plaited Princess Bun.  This is what it is supposed to look like:

triple plated

For whatever reason, I chose to try it out first on my middle-child, who has medium-length hair.  It was challenging as she almost didn’t have enough hair to twist up into buns at the end.  It was cute, but once again not exactly like the tute picture!


I actually did get them twisted tighter after this pic was taken, and it was way cute…unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of this as she would not sit still long enough to let me snap the pic!

I then went on to doing my own hair…epic fail!  Check it out:


Wow-this was not flattering AT ALL (pretty much because I didn’t do it right)! I had to remove this hairstyle before we went to Target…all that hard work down the drain!

Also, did anyone know that there is a right and a wrong way to insert a bobby pin?  I did NOT up until a couple of days ago (this should surprise no one)!  Apparently the wavy side is supposed to go down…who knew?  Although I don’t think that is the entire problem in the above picture…

Finally, I did my oldest daughter’s hair.  I was hoping it would turn out a bit better: her hair is longer making it a bit easier to work with.


So far, so good. First phase successfully completed!


I am liking the braid-within-a-braid!


And ta-da! The finished product! Definitely better than my first couple of attempts.


A different view…T loved her “princess hair”!

So overall not a bad day’s effort.  Baby steps, right?

Join us over the weekend for our next project:

The Original Waterfall French Braid!

I have purposely NOT been attempting braids because they SCARE me!  But it is time to phase my nemesis the braid head on (no pun intended)-wish me luck!

Hoping you all have a relaxing (and SUNNY) weekend wherever you may be!












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