Day 4: Back to Basics-The French Braid

Ok, so as I mentioned last hair post, I was going back to basics.  I mean, the beginning is always a good place to start, right?  So after watching this great tutorial on how to do a Basic French Braid, this is the result:



I am a very visual-kinesthetic learner, so it helps me first to see the new skill, and then to do it right after.  The tutorial led me to realize that I had previously been having issues with my finger placement, and once I was able to concentrate on that, it all became much easier!

In light of my mini-success, tomorrow we’re going to take this a step further and attempt the Dutch Braid-or the Outtie French Braid, as some people call it.  I feel like my fingers need to start doing calisthenics to warm up for this…the gauntlet has been thrown!

Wish me luck!


PS For those of you who are visual learners like myself, here is a video tutorial on the Dutch Braid.  (You will need to subscribe to Bloglovin’ to be able to see the video.)


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