Day 5: The Dutch Braid + Pics from the Garden!

So following my smashing success on the French Braid (sorry to so shamelessly toot my own horn, here) I decided to tackle the Dutch Braid.  Admittedly, I got off to a slow start-it took my mind a little bit to adjust to braiding the strands underneath, and not over the top.  However, once I got the hang of it, this was the result:


The stranding could have been a little bit tighter, but overall, not bad for my first attempt!

In light of 2 hairstyles in a row working out (this is huge for me), I have decided to challenge myself with the fishtail braid next.  Yes, I like to walk on the wild side…and I may be just a little bit crazy (or delusional-I have heard there is a fine line between the two).

Also, in other news…the kids and I went to check on our garden, which is growing quite nicely.  We had also started some watermelon plants…of which 1 is sprouting!  Yes, only 1 (so far).  We have had a bit of a mold issue with the watermelon, which I hear is fairly common when using the grow domes and can be a result of over-watering, so to combat it we sprayed it was a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.  Per my research, this is supposed to kill the mold, but not harm the plants.


V with all our plants!



The tomatoes have really taken off!



The lone watermelon sprout.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we also planted 9 rows of potatoes in the ground!  This was a group effort with both of my girls plus my little brother helping.  (I don’t know if I can call my brother “little” anymore…even though he is younger than me by quite a bit, he also now towers over me.)  Luke, my brother, is convinced that we need 7 more rows of potatoes (we staked out 16 rows in all).  He is building himself a house in my parents backyard (he is 14, not 30-I thought this was an important point to clarify), with plans to live there during the winter and survive off of potatoes.  He has calculated he will need 100 lbs of potatoes to make it through the winter-thus the soon-to-be-16 rows of potatoes!

One last thing…to all you mommas out there, and aunties, and grandmas, and hopeful mommas….please have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow!



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