Day 8: The Sock Bun + a therapeutic STUFF purge

If you want a perfectly round bun, then the sock bun is for you!  The fantastic thing about this bun is that you can virtually put it just about anywhere on your head.  Just locate the base of the ponytail where you want your final bun to lie…and then follow the [somewhat] easy steps to your perfectly circular bun (aka the Sock Bun)!

My kids LOVED this bun because the first step is cutting the toes off of an old sock.  The next step, at least for my kids, was then to wear the sock toes (sans the rest of the sock) around the living room with wails of laughter.  I loved the sock bun because I got to repurpose an old sock from my bin of socks that are missing their partners!

I present to you, fictitious reader, the Sock Bun:

sock bun

A side view of the Sock Bun:

sock bun side

Steps to the Sock Bun:

1. Find a calf-length sock (a pretty elastic-y one) and cut off the toes.  Then roll your sock into a tight donut.

*Note: If your hair is not super long, or if you are attempting this style on a toddler, use a smaller sock.  For my middle daughter, who is 2 and has hair that falls just below her shoulders, I used an infant sock and it worked perfectly.

2. Make your ponytail.  Remember, the base of the ponytail should be where you want the final bun to lie.

3. Place the sock donut around the ponytail, and move it up the ponytail, until you have 1-2 inches of hair sticking out the top.  Fold the hair that is sticking out under and through.

4. Using both hands, fold the sock and the hair down, until you are at the base of the ponytail.

5. Secure the Sock Bun with bobby pins.

6. Dress up your Sock Bun with a small bow or clip (if desired) and you’re done!

V sock bun

The final product on my middle girl, V! Also note the lip sticking out, as she is in full-pout mode!

Another tip: Use a sock that is similar to your own hair color, you will be glad you did!

Here is a video that shows how to do the Sock Bun on yourself. It’s a bit lengthy, and the actual tutorial doesn’t even start until after the 3 minute mark, so if you don’t have time to spare, I would recommend fast-forwarding to the action.  Here is a second link that shows how to do the Sock Bun on a toddler.

OK, so my kids’ hair is getting better, but I was also hoping to add some go-to Mom ‘Do’s to my repertoire.  Good news: the Sock Bun is multi-generational!  It works just as well for moms as it does for toddlers, teens, etc.

K sock bun

Okay, so I just had to show you all my own sock bun that I did on myself, as I am notoriously bad at doing my own hair! It is kind of a “messy” sock bun, but all in all, not too bad!

I also debated on sharing this next one, but I though, what the heck? I have been working on a Messy Knotted Bun, with mixed results.

messy knotted

It’s a Messy Knotted Bun-you achieve it by tying your hair in knots and then bobby pinning it into place.  My problem is that my ends stick out and my last knots don’t want to stay knotted (don’t know if my hair is quite long enough?).  It’s a work in progress.  Strangely, where I would have found this discouraging before, I actually find myself excited by the challenge!  I have been practicing hair while I watch my kids play, practicing while I watch them splash in the tub, practicing…well, you get the picture.  I like doing hair, and it is no less shocking to me than it is to everyone else!  (Especially those who knew me back in college and high school when my go-to hair was the ponytail!)

In other news, I have mobilized and set a date for my rummage sale!  I went through my kids’ toys today and the guest bed is already STACKED with items for the sale.  It’s a little embarrassing.  It feels so good, though, to see the toys whittled down to only those that my kids use on a regular basis!  Tomorrow I tackle the coat closets and MY closet! It is so….THERAPUETIC to get rid of all this stuff!  I feel 100 pounds lighter already, and I’ve only just started!

Here’s to living well with less-


PS If you want to see another video on cleansing junk from your house, click this link-my mom shared this video with me and it’s great!





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