2 Easy Updos That Take 5 Minutes (or less)- Day 9

It’s always nice to have a couple of easy go-to hairstyles in your repertoire for busy mornings.  These next two hairstyles are just that.  The first style, the Easy Updo, is just your basic pulled up hairstyle.  I believe it took me all of 2 minutes.  It can be adjusted to sit higher or lower on the head, depending on where you tie the initial band of hair.

easy updo

I was not lying…just your basic updo.  No muss, no fuss.  The problem was, I did my daughter’s hair first with the Easy Chignon, which is like the Easy Updo, only knotched up a level with a few twists.  It looks elegant and unique…so much so that when we went to Costco, she received compliment after compliment on her hair. (Plus she’s a pretty cute kid to boot.)  I fell in serious LIKE with the Easy Chignon (I would say love, but it seems wrong to use that adjective with a hairstyle when it’s the same one I use when talking about my family).


This was a challenge for me in that it did not come with a tutorial-only a picture!  Figuring out how to do cute hairstyles that I saw on Pinterest…typically not my strong point.  But seeing as I have been surprising myself as of late, I decided to give it a go-and was pleasantly surprised!

Since this did not come with a tutorial, I decided to create my own in case anyone else was interested in replicating this cute, unique ‘do.


A) Starting at the top of the side of the head, take a strand of hair and twist, gradually adding more hair in as you work your way down the head.  At the bottom, secure your twisted strand of hair with a low-hanging strand to secure it in place.  Repeat the process on the other side of the head.

B) Gather all of the hair (including the two twists) into a low-hanging ponytail.  Invert the ponytail. (For those not familiar with this, all you do is make a hole in the hair right above the hair elastic, and pull the bottom of the ponytail through the top of the hole and all the way through.)

C) Rubber band the ponytail about 1-2 inches from the bottom of the ponytail.  Tuck it into the inverted ponytail and bobby pin to secure.

D) Ta-da- all finished!  You can adjust the chignon so that it is looser or tighter, depending on how you want the final product to look.

Note: It is a good idea to have on hand ‘clear’ elastics!  For my family, that means having these brunette elastics (see picture below) on hand-the match our hair almost perfectly and blend right in!  These have made all the difference in hairstyles such as this one.


Join us tomorrow for a few twists on the common ponytail! (Man I wish I would have known these back in my ‘ponytail phase’ of life…which lasted for a loooooooooooooong time!!)

Que descansen bien!



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