Day 13: French Twist into Rope Braid

To piggy-back off of our last hair due, the Rope Braid, I present before you the French Twist into Rope Braid.  This really is a fun, pretty simple braid.  Very straight forward.  Plus, like the fishtail, you use two hair strands instead of three, making it easier than, say, a traditional French Braid, in my humble opinion.

french twist

See how the French Twist just flows right into the Rope Braid?  I love that!  Make sure to watch your fingering and keep your strands tight.  My first attempt I did not make my strands tight enough and by midday T had a lot of loose, fly-away hairs.  The second attempt (which is pictured) went much better!

Have fun and braid on!



How to be a Stain-Fighting Ninja w/ Stain Removal Recipe

As I mentioned last post, I am working on my own laundry stain remover….sorry, this is not going to be THAT post.  THAT post…still coming.  In the meantime, here is the recipe that I am basing my recipe off of.  You know how when something is so awesome and works so well you kind of don’t even want to mess with it?  Yeah, that’s where I am right now.


  • 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap (original)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (optional-this is more to really work it into the clothes when you are scrubbing-I like it in mine)


This works SO well-you wouldn’t even believe.  Unless you’ve tried it-then you would definitely believe. Just apply the stain treatment directly to the stain, agitate (aka rub it in) and wait an hour or two before washing.

A few additional tips that will really help you earn your ninja stars:

  • Sometimes a really tough stain will keep a couple of treatments-keep working at it!
  • If the stain doesn’t come out the first time, DON’T run it through the dryer!  This will make the stain set in more, and make your job a lot harder.
  • Something else to try: spray the stain with straight-up vinegar and leave it to sit out in the sun for a couple of hours.  Then wash as normal.  NOTE: Do NOT wash with chlorine bleach after spraying with vinegar as this will create toxic fumes.  Yeah…so don’t do that.  Also, do not spray with hydrogen peroxide and leave out in the sun-unless you want to irreversibly bleach your clothes.

ADDED BONUS: This concoction also works wonders on your tub! Just apply directly to your tub or anywhere you are wanting to clean grout, let sit for 1 minute, scrub (barely)…and not only will all traces of dirt be removed, but your tub will SPARKLE.  I kid you not.

The only part I really struggle with in this recipe is the Dawn.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still WAY better than any chemical stain remover you will buy in the store (less toxic and works better).  But still, I am working on a stain remover using castile soap which has NO questionable ingredients-however, it’s still in the testing stages.

To be continued…


Day 12: The Rope Braid (another EASY braid!)

So I know that I said that I wanted to explore more variations on the ponytail, but I really felt the wind blowing me in a different direction.  More of a “rope braid” direction.  I had seen this tutorial awhile back and put it on my “Hair To DO” list and there it sat…until today.

The rope braid really is quite an easy braid, if you can wrap your head around crossing the strands over in the OPPOSITE directions of your twists.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, just watch the tutorial.

rope braid

I also added a hair wrap to the original ponytail to dress it up a bit.

I still plan to get those DIY laundry stain remover links up today, if my kids cooperate.  I have also been working on a stain remover recipe of my own, but it is not yet ready to be unveiled.  It needs a few more trials first.

Speaking of trials, I recently read that in New York, Cornell University released GM moths in a “field test”, if you can call it that.  Don’t know how they can really take them back if things don’t go well, now that they’re out there.  These moths are actually from Europe; the Europeans, however, decided that more lab testing had to be done before releasing them into the wild.  Not the United States.  This could have far reaching and potentially harmful effects on local ecosystems.  Glad we really thought ahead on this one.

*Sigh* Rant-over.



Day 11: Quadruple Flipped Ponytail 2 Ways

As I plug away at the 30 Days of Hair Challenge, I have to say that I am starting to look forward to each new day’s challenge.  Where at first I was dreading this process of learning to do hair, I am now enjoying every minute of it! (If my old snowboarding friends could hear me now they would not believe that these words were coming out of my mouth, so to speak!)

To follow-up on the Triple Flipped Ponytail, I researched a couple of variations of the Quadruple Flipped Ponytail (the next logical progression).

Quadruple Flipped Ponytail #1


Quadruple Flipped Ponytail #2


As you can see, although the technique used on the 2 styles is very similar, the outcome of each style is very different (and unique).

For the next hair post, I’ll continue to explore the many variations of the beloved ponytail. Also, look for an upcoming post on DIY stain removers as I have been experimenting like a mad scientist with many a variety as of late…

Until then-



Triple-Flipped Ponytail + BONUS

So I know I promised to do some ponytail hairstyles…well, here you have them-a couple, anyway! I plan to do a few more over the next few days. My 30-Days of Hair Challenge has fallen by the wayside for a bit as I have been focusing on decluttering my house.  I cannot even tell you how good it feels to have all that junk that we don’t use completely cleared out!  I also managed to pull off a rummage sale with a few close friends…so all in all I have been very productive during my hair-hiatus!

The triple-flipped pony is really very simple, but super cute and not well-known. I had been doing a variation of this hairstyle for years, but it had honestly never crossed my mind to add a little uniqueness to the ‘do by flipping the ponytails!


Cute, easy…and accomplished in about a minute! For the full tutorial, click here.

OK, so I know I promised you a bonus, and here it is: The Ponytail with Hair Wrap.

hair wrap

Look at how that dresses the plain ponytail up a bit!  Plus, it is a hairstyle that I was able to perform on myself-so that should speak to just how easy it is!

All you do is take a strand of hair, wrap your ponytail, and bobbypin it in to place.  My new technique with bobbypins is inserting them at an angle until I hit my scalp, then pulling them down so they are level with my head before I finish pushing them in all the way.  It seems to be holding everything into place a lot better!  I say this like it’s something new (because for me-it is!) but I’m sure all of you more experienced hair doers out there have been doing this for years!

This is a variation on the ponytail that is also easy to insert into other hairstyles, as well!

That’s all I have for you tonight…I wanted to get another hairstyle on the books before I switched to more mundane tasks like laundry and cleaning my crockpot out.  Exciting, I know!