Triple-Flipped Ponytail + BONUS

So I know I promised to do some ponytail hairstyles…well, here you have them-a couple, anyway! I plan to do a few more over the next few days. My 30-Days of Hair Challenge has fallen by the wayside for a bit as I have been focusing on decluttering my house.  I cannot even tell you how good it feels to have all that junk that we don’t use completely cleared out!  I also managed to pull off a rummage sale with a few close friends…so all in all I have been very productive during my hair-hiatus!

The triple-flipped pony is really very simple, but super cute and not well-known. I had been doing a variation of this hairstyle for years, but it had honestly never crossed my mind to add a little uniqueness to the ‘do by flipping the ponytails!


Cute, easy…and accomplished in about a minute! For the full tutorial, click here.

OK, so I know I promised you a bonus, and here it is: The Ponytail with Hair Wrap.

hair wrap

Look at how that dresses the plain ponytail up a bit!  Plus, it is a hairstyle that I was able to perform on myself-so that should speak to just how easy it is!

All you do is take a strand of hair, wrap your ponytail, and bobbypin it in to place.  My new technique with bobbypins is inserting them at an angle until I hit my scalp, then pulling them down so they are level with my head before I finish pushing them in all the way.  It seems to be holding everything into place a lot better!  I say this like it’s something new (because for me-it is!) but I’m sure all of you more experienced hair doers out there have been doing this for years!

This is a variation on the ponytail that is also easy to insert into other hairstyles, as well!

That’s all I have for you tonight…I wanted to get another hairstyle on the books before I switched to more mundane tasks like laundry and cleaning my crockpot out.  Exciting, I know!



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