Day 11: Quadruple Flipped Ponytail 2 Ways

As I plug away at the 30 Days of Hair Challenge, I have to say that I am starting to look forward to each new day’s challenge.  Where at first I was dreading this process of learning to do hair, I am now enjoying every minute of it! (If my old snowboarding friends could hear me now they would not believe that these words were coming out of my mouth, so to speak!)

To follow-up on the Triple Flipped Ponytail, I researched a couple of variations of the Quadruple Flipped Ponytail (the next logical progression).

Quadruple Flipped Ponytail #1


Quadruple Flipped Ponytail #2


As you can see, although the technique used on the 2 styles is very similar, the outcome of each style is very different (and unique).

For the next hair post, I’ll continue to explore the many variations of the beloved ponytail. Also, look for an upcoming post on DIY stain removers as I have been experimenting like a mad scientist with many a variety as of late…

Until then-



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