Day 12: The Rope Braid (another EASY braid!)

So I know that I said that I wanted to explore more variations on the ponytail, but I really felt the wind blowing me in a different direction.  More of a “rope braid” direction.  I had seen this tutorial awhile back and put it on my “Hair To DO” list and there it sat…until today.

The rope braid really is quite an easy braid, if you can wrap your head around crossing the strands over in the OPPOSITE directions of your twists.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, just watch the tutorial.

rope braid

I also added a hair wrap to the original ponytail to dress it up a bit.

I still plan to get those DIY laundry stain remover links up today, if my kids cooperate.  I have also been working on a stain remover recipe of my own, but it is not yet ready to be unveiled.  It needs a few more trials first.

Speaking of trials, I recently read that in New York, Cornell University released GM moths in a “field test”, if you can call it that.  Don’t know how they can really take them back if things don’t go well, now that they’re out there.  These moths are actually from Europe; the Europeans, however, decided that more lab testing had to be done before releasing them into the wild.  Not the United States.  This could have far reaching and potentially harmful effects on local ecosystems.  Glad we really thought ahead on this one.

*Sigh* Rant-over.



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