Day 19: Dutch Accent Ponytail (or can go into a messy bun-so many options!)

The marvelous thing about fixing hair, as I am finding out, is once you know how to do the basic different braid types, the possibilities are limitless.  There are so many different variations of each braid out there-it sometimes makes me go a little crazy when trying to pick out the next hairstyle to try!  I am trying to cut myself off on Pinterest and not pin any new hairstyles before I go through a few more of the older pins…but there are just so many darn cute hairstyles out there I can’t help myself!

I was actually able to do the Dutch Accent Ponytail (or Messy Bun) on both of my girls.  It’s nice because my middle girl, V’s, hair is finally getting a little bit longer (and she’s the one who lets me pull on her head a little bit more)!

dutch accent

There’s my little V-getting so grown up it almost brings a tear to her mama’s eye! Can’t believe she will be starting preschool this fall! And here is a previous effort on T’s hair:

dutch accent 2

I used a slightly different technique on each of these.  On V, I separated a section out at the top which I then braided in right before her ear; on T’s I omitted this step.

To see the technique(s) depicted, click the two links below:

Dutch Accent adding in hair later into Messy Bun (

Dutch Accent Ponytail (

For my next project (which I let T pick) we are super excited to be trying some lace headbands! If you have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, you will just have to subscribe so it pops up in your feed when I get it posted!

Wishing you much success in your hair endeavors-



Day 18: “Elsa” Hair

So to start off, I just want to give y’all my mini-disclaimer: to do “Elsa” hair the right way-to really “do it up right”, if you will-would have been REALLY INVOLVED. Like, I would have had to put extensions in my kids’ hair to thicken and lengthen the braid, and curled the hair beforehand, and ratted it out…it makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  I mean, who has time for that? I only have a short window of time to get these hairstyles done, and it usually involves my kids simultaneously moving while I try to do their hair, and my one year old hanging onto my leg and screaming.  Good times.

Another thing: there are A LOT of different versions of “Elsa Hair” out there.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search on Pinterest.  However, in my quest, 2 in particular stood out-and I’ve put links to both of them in this post.

Option 1: Dutch Fishtail

dutch fishtail

This one is a tad time consuming-but worth it (if you can get your kid to sit still long enough). I didn’t put extensions in T’s hair (as I previously mentioned)-but a thicker braid would have looked even more “Elsa”.

2. Option 2: Side Mega-Pancaked French Braid

side french

So I know this doesn’t look very “Elsa”-ish, but just imagine it if V had more hair (which is the problem we ran into).  Anyway, check out the tutorial, because the result on the tutorial is amazing (and this is the one that has about 400 steps-but a great result).

Maybe this might have to be a hairstyle reserved for Halloween only?

Braid on-


Day 17: Bohemian Braid

So somehow that Bohemian Braid that I had wanted to do disappeared into the Pinterest abyss.  I swear I pinned it, but apparently not?  It has also disappeared (mysteriously, I might add) from Pinterest altogether.

One funny thing about Bohemian Braids: there are many of them. And they’re all done differently.  Which makes sense, I guess, when you look up the definition of ‘bohemian’ (which I did):

a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.

Just replace ‘person’ with ‘braid’, and there you go.  The Bohemian Braid is a wild, free flowing (read ‘messy’) and unconventional braid.

Even though I didn’t get to do the Bohemian Braid I originally planned, I did find a pretty cool replacement.

bohemian braid

If you watch the tutorial, you’ll see she does two braids on each side, and braids the first braid into the second.  If you do it that way, make sure you start the first braid low enough so it blends into the second.  The first time I did this hairstyle I did it just as the tutorial showed; the second time I omitted the first braids and just did the side French braids.  In my opinion, it turned out just as good the second time as it did the first (and took a LOT less time)!  Just remember to “pancake” the braids for optimum results.

Good luck!


Day 16: Four Twist Ponytail

Let the hair rampage continue!  For some reason, I have been super motivated to continue to add to my hair repertoire.  Usually it takes me a few days to get a new hairdo/tutorial link up, but at this rate we may actually be done by the end of the month!  (Don’t quote me on that!)

This next hairstyle is unique, but VERY simple!  Again, no braiding, only twisting.

I give you, the Four Twist Ponytail:


We wore it to the local swimming pond-a perfect summer beach ‘do!  Here is a different angle that lets you see the twists a little better:


I am thinking of tackling a new braid next…it most likely will be the “Elsa” braid OR this really cute Bohemian braid I happened to come across.  So it really may be a few more days before I get that posted as most of the braids I like (read NEED) to practice for a few days before they are post-worthy.

I also have been working on writing down my testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ…so look for a post on that sometime in the near-ish future (still in the tweaking stage at the moment).

Enjoy your weekend!


Day 15: Triple Twist Ponytail

We are just whipping through the hair styles these days! I found another cute hairstyle that looks like a braid-but it’s NOT! No braiding involved-only hair twisting. I swear even my husband could do it! (He actually probably could…he is one of those people who picks up everything easily and drives the rest of us crazy!)

One minor variation I added is braiding the three twisted strands-which is a step not included in the tutorial.  I tried it first without braiding the strands, but it didn’t look as good-in my humble opinion.

I can’t believe I am halfway through the 30 Days of Hair Challenge!! OR that I am looking forward to the next 15!

Braid on, braid on!


Day 14: French Fishtail Braid

I must admit, when I first saw this braid, waaaay back when I started the 30 Days of Hair Challenge, I was intimidated.  I remember watching the video and thinking to myself that there was NO WAY I would ever be able to do this braid!  I did have to bribe my kids with phone time so they would let me practice on their hair-but it was worth it!  After multiple attempts over multiple days, it finally came together quite nicely!

french fishtail

You can see how the French Fishtail really steps it up a little bit from the Fishtail (which I also think is adorable-and easier!).  The hardest part was getting the stranding good and tight so that it would stay-you really have to pay attention to hand placement!  I had to watch the tutorial multiple times just to study her hands.

Here is a later attempt, taken after the first photo, where I started the braid up a little bit higher on the head and got the stranding a bit tighter:

french fisthail2

A little work-but well worth the effort!  Happy Braiding!