Day 16: Four Twist Ponytail

Let the hair rampage continue!  For some reason, I have been super motivated to continue to add to my hair repertoire.  Usually it takes me a few days to get a new hairdo/tutorial link up, but at this rate we may actually be done by the end of the month!  (Don’t quote me on that!)

This next hairstyle is unique, but VERY simple!  Again, no braiding, only twisting.

I give you, the Four Twist Ponytail:


We wore it to the local swimming pond-a perfect summer beach ‘do!  Here is a different angle that lets you see the twists a little better:


I am thinking of tackling a new braid next…it most likely will be the “Elsa” braid OR this really cute Bohemian braid I happened to come across.  So it really may be a few more days before I get that posted as most of the braids I like (read NEED) to practice for a few days before they are post-worthy.

I also have been working on writing down my testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus Christ…so look for a post on that sometime in the near-ish future (still in the tweaking stage at the moment).

Enjoy your weekend!


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