Day 18: “Elsa” Hair

So to start off, I just want to give y’all my mini-disclaimer: to do “Elsa” hair the right way-to really “do it up right”, if you will-would have been REALLY INVOLVED. Like, I would have had to put extensions in my kids’ hair to thicken and lengthen the braid, and curled the hair beforehand, and ratted it out…it makes me exhausted just thinking about it.  I mean, who has time for that? I only have a short window of time to get these hairstyles done, and it usually involves my kids simultaneously moving while I try to do their hair, and my one year old hanging onto my leg and screaming.  Good times.

Another thing: there are A LOT of different versions of “Elsa Hair” out there.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search on Pinterest.  However, in my quest, 2 in particular stood out-and I’ve put links to both of them in this post.

Option 1: Dutch Fishtail

dutch fishtail

This one is a tad time consuming-but worth it (if you can get your kid to sit still long enough). I didn’t put extensions in T’s hair (as I previously mentioned)-but a thicker braid would have looked even more “Elsa”.

2. Option 2: Side Mega-Pancaked French Braid

side french

So I know this doesn’t look very “Elsa”-ish, but just imagine it if V had more hair (which is the problem we ran into).  Anyway, check out the tutorial, because the result on the tutorial is amazing (and this is the one that has about 400 steps-but a great result).

Maybe this might have to be a hairstyle reserved for Halloween only?

Braid on-



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