Day 19: Dutch Accent Ponytail (or can go into a messy bun-so many options!)

The marvelous thing about fixing hair, as I am finding out, is once you know how to do the basic different braid types, the possibilities are limitless.  There are so many different variations of each braid out there-it sometimes makes me go a little crazy when trying to pick out the next hairstyle to try!  I am trying to cut myself off on Pinterest and not pin any new hairstyles before I go through a few more of the older pins…but there are just so many darn cute hairstyles out there I can’t help myself!

I was actually able to do the Dutch Accent Ponytail (or Messy Bun) on both of my girls.  It’s nice because my middle girl, V’s, hair is finally getting a little bit longer (and she’s the one who lets me pull on her head a little bit more)!

dutch accent

There’s my little V-getting so grown up it almost brings a tear to her mama’s eye! Can’t believe she will be starting preschool this fall! And here is a previous effort on T’s hair:

dutch accent 2

I used a slightly different technique on each of these.  On V, I separated a section out at the top which I then braided in right before her ear; on T’s I omitted this step.

To see the technique(s) depicted, click the two links below:

Dutch Accent adding in hair later into Messy Bun (

Dutch Accent Ponytail (

For my next project (which I let T pick) we are super excited to be trying some lace headbands! If you have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, you will just have to subscribe so it pops up in your feed when I get it posted!

Wishing you much success in your hair endeavors-



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