Day 20: Lace Dutch Headband (and Headband Braids in general)

The title of this braid sounds fancy, but all ‘lace’ really signifies when you are referring to a braid is: you only pull in hair from one side.  (Before you go and get all impressed-I just learned this last week.  Prior to that I had no idea what a dutch headband vs lace headband was.)

Once again, I used V as my model because she lets me get the braid tighter than my 4 year old!

lace headband 1

lace headband top view

A top view of the braid. My one gripe is that I wish I had been able to get the part straighter (wiggly 2 year old). Sorry the photo is a touch dark-now you see why I have to photo shop these pics a tad lighter!

This is actually a hairstyle that I finished up last week, but I have been feeling terribly unmotivated to do…well, pretty much anything.

Two tutorials I highly recommend for this hairstyle (or similar ones):

Lace Braid Headband (

4 Headband Braids (

Good luck-and may good hair be with you!