Day 21: Tucked Braid Updo

So…here we are on Day 21 of the 30 Day Hair Challenge…8 months later.  In my defense I have had a lot going on, like growing another human being, among other things.  He recently decided to come out, and boy, is he cute!

I really should be sleeping, not blogging, but I have found a renewed interest for hair as of late, and decided that it really was time to finish off the 30 Day Challenge (better late than never).

So let’s get on with things because I really do need to catch a few zzz’s before my adorable little baby milk monster wakes up. 🙂

I present to you, the Tucked Braid Updo:

tucked braid updo

This one really is a lot easier than it looks-no French braiding (no really), just a lot of ‘caking’ the braid and bobby pins!

For the full tutorial, which can be found on A Beautiful Mess, just click here.

Okay, we’ll keep my first post back quick and painless, mostly because I am pretty tired and as such prone to rambling…so better just to sing off.

Until next time!



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