Day 22: French Braids into Pigtails

Like the side-accent braid, French Braids into Pigtails have a lot of fun variations.  You could try one French Braid into a ponytail, or a bun, or an inverted updo…or you could braid 2 French Braids into a single ponytail, dress it up with a bow, a flower…really the possibilities are endless!

My oldest, T, graciously let me braid her hair before school (although if you were anywhere near our house when it was happening, it probably sounded like the poor child was being tortured!).

Check it out:


Quick, cute, and it took all of 5 minutes!  (Which is good, because most mornings we only have 5 minutes to give to hair, if that.)  If you missed the first post on how to do a basic French Braid, just click here for a refresher.  Once you master a few basic braids, it really opens the door to a limitless amount of hairdos!

Happy braiding!!




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